The vast majority of law firms have some form of PSL. Most vacancies get given out to the PSL at the same time and from larger firms that’s very often as a blind cc email on a Monday morning. And of course, for many roles that is sufficient to generate enough CV’s to make a hire.

What about the roles you have that are hard to fill? The ones where candidates are in ‘high demand and short supply’. How about the ones with a tight deadline where failing to hire is not a commercially viable option? Could using just one recruiter work better than five, six or even more?

In simple terms, one recruiter giving you 100% of their attention is better than five recruiters giving you 20% of their attention. Why do I say that? Well, when five recruiters have the role, each recruiter has a one in five chance of filling it and realistically has to work four other roles at the same time to even up their chances. In effect, you are asking your recruiters to play a game called “first past the post” and get CV’s over quicker than their competitors. But are those the best CV’s they could find? Are they the best candidates around? Have all the rocks been looked under? Or are you getting less of each recruiter’s time than is needed and end up with the active job seeker whose CV is adequate and quick to find?

Another scenario you may have not considered is when there are so few candidates and an exact fit is needed for you to make a hire. Giving that role to multiple agencies will almost ensure that the ( few and far between) candidates are getting called five times from five different recruiters about the same job. That might make them feel that if so many people are chasing them they must be chasing everyone else too. You could make the candidate feel like a number and they opt out or don’t get involved or they want more money than they should because they feel they are in huge demand.

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By Runo Ahmed

Senior Legal Recruitment Specialist at Ambipro