After hours of searching, hours of filling in applications you finally have it…. The interview! The question now is, ‘are you prepared?’

Here at Ambipro we have put together a few hints and tips to help you prep for, and ace, that interview for the job you’ve always wanted. The key, as to most things in life, is preparation. Preparation for what you might expect in the interview and preparation of what you should know before you go into the interview. If you make sure you’ve got these bases covered you could help yourself get that all important edge over the other candidates.

Before the Interview

• Research the Company and its competitors, the more knowledgeable and interested you appear in the company and its position in the market, the more receptive the interviewer will be to your answers.

• Ask yourself, ‘why do I want this job’, ‘what do I hope to gain from this job?’ – Obviously we all want to get paid, that’s a given, but what else?

• Read the job description properly and think about how you fulfil the requirements of the role. Try to think of real life experiences that showcase your ability to fulfil those requirements. Employers would rather hear about your real life experiences than being told ‘yeah, I can do that’

• Do you know who’s interviewing you? If you do, perhaps do a little research into who they are and what they’ve achieved. This not only shows interest but can help with any questions you want to ask the interviewer (more on that later).

• Don’t overdo it though. Even though a bit of background research is good, we don’t want to look like a stalker and the company won’t expect you to know everything there is to know about them.

• Get an early night! – Sounds obvious but many people try to cram in last minute practice/research late at night. This is not going to help you, learn your stuff in the week leading up to your interview….. not the night before.

During the Interview

• Don’t waffle – keep your answers concise, being able to articulate information is part and parcel of being a lawyer. If you do find yourself going off track, pause and think about the question and the answer you want to get across to get yourself back on track.

• Look smart – Have a Shower and put on some smart clothes (washed and ironed of course), polish your shoes and make sure your hair is neat and tidy. Many interviewees blow their chances by turning up to an interview looking scruffy.

• Don’t be too early…. And don’t be late! Arrive during the Goldilocks time zone, ideally 10-15 before your interview is due to start. Arriving too early can disrupt the interviewers’ day and leave a bad impression, even though you had good intentions. Also, if you are going to be late, inform the interviewer as soon as possible.

• Project confidence, lean in slightly as it helps show interest and engagement. Crossed arms, spread legs and fidgeting are all signs of disinterest. Whilst some of these aspects of body language seem innocuous, they can have a major impact on the interviewers’ impression of you.

• Be prepared for curveball questions. Some employers will ask things such as “What’s your biggest weakness” or “How many square feet of pizza are eaten in the U.S. each year?”. Whilst the first question is aimed at self-assessment and reflection (we are not all perfect and the interviewer knows that) the second is aimed at seeing how you handle that kind of situation, the interviewer will be aware that you will not know the answer to that question however it is how you react and deal with the question that counts.

• Smile, make eye-contact and be confident.

• If you are being interviewed by more than one person, try to address all attendees equally when answering questions.


So there you have it, some great interview tips to keep in mind for next time. Here at Ambipro we are always striving to give our candidates the best opportunities to succeed. If you r looking to move onto the next stage of your career and need a little help along the way then give us a call. Our friendly staff are always striving to help push their candidates careers onwards and upwards.