The recruitment landscape is changing dramatically. In 2014, 50% of all legal hires in England & Wales were in London. It’s now nearer 30%. Law firms are “Northshoring” to save costs by up to 30% on salaries and office space/overheads.

But that’s not all they are doing. Lawtech is the biggest proportional growth area for jobs within law firms. It’s not just cyber security (73 of the top 100 were hacked in 2016) that’s the issue, although the upcoming GDPR laws will make that a huge focus of course. It’s Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence & Big Data.

And that has a big effect on what inhouse skills people need to have in this new world. And guess what? An 8 year PQE associate isn’t needed as much when AI kicks in. Tech savvy paralegals is the new big job.

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By Runo Ahmed

Senior Legal Recruitment Specialist at Ambipro