As a recruitment agency – we at Ambipro are witnessing big changes within our sector – and are adapting as needed to keep us at the spearhead of what’s happening.

The legal market is also going through some dramatic changes -North Shoring and AI are just two.

So, what are you doing as a professional within the sector doing to adapt?  It’s a fact that there are less training contracts being offered, more support roles than ever before and more and more law firms reviewing the number of associate to partner appointments. So where does that leave you now? Perhaps more importantly where does that leave your career over the next five to ten years and beyond? Dynasty to Dinosaur doesn’t take as long as you think.

If you would like a confidential discussion about the changes you can make, the decisions you can take and why your thoughts maybe need a shake then call me.

By Runo Ahmed

Senior Legal Recruitment Specialist at Ambipro