Ambipro focuses on helping law firms grow and develop by concentrating on your legal recruitment & retention issues.

There are many recruitment firms you could choose to partner with, and the chances are you don’t always want an ‘off the shelf’ solution to your legal recruitment issues, or you wouldn’t be on this site. And that’s good because we are not formulaic consultants. We aren’t out to impress you with words on a website – we are out to deliver results for you in person.

Contact us when you are ready, so we can discuss how best to potentially support you and your firm. One such option for you is to consider our Preferred Client List (PCL). Being a member comes with some great benefits for you.

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We have worked in partnership with Ambipro since 2012 and have been extremely satisfied with the professional and efficient service standard which Ambipro continually strives to provide. The Ambipro approach of working to understand a client’s business and providing the highest calibre of candidates to its clients is commendable and has resulted in several swift and successful recruitment pieces for us.

Mason Hayes Solicitors

We are a small practice and have utilised the services of Ambipro. They have always been extremely helpful. We have had a small number of candidates from them who have been of a high standard. We will certainly recommend others to utilise their service.

Clearwater Solicitors

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